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Chef Lippe's Serrano Ham (Jamon Serrano) 24 months. Spain.

Chef Lippe’s Serrano Ham (Jamon Serrano) 24 months. Spain.

2.5oz sliced vacuum packed.

Serrano ham is the popular choice of cured meats in Spain. Fermin is the icon for Serrano ham. This 24 month cured delicacy has been made following techniques hundreds of years old. Salted, then hung to dry until the last drop of water has fallen. This cured ham gets better and better with age. Not your average supermarket ham, it is expensive. Maybe the most expensive ham in the planet and worth every penny. Like a fine wine, it features notes so complex in its flavor, that it would take me this whole page to describe. Enjoy it wrapped around a wedge of ripe cantaloupe and your favorite libation.

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