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Chef Lippe's Ossobuco di Vitello Toscano with Optional Polenta

Ossobuco di Vitello Toscano

Ossobuco di Vitello Toscano. There is a little trattoria between Arezzo and Cortona in Tuscany (the little town depicted in the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun") set in a house built during Roman times. Guido, the owner makes the best ossobuco I have ever tasted. Here is my humble version. The ossobuco is marinated in au jus and red wine to tenderize the meat, slightly floured, seared in butter, then braised in juices, spices and stock for about four hours. Accompanied by organic carrots, and champignons sautéed in butter. Order of creamy polenta optional. Made to order. MUST BE ORDERED BY WEDNESDAY for Saturday delivery.

Portion is around 20oz (two steaks) generally one large and one smaller. Meat is weighed before cooking. The sauce with veggies comes in separate quart container.

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