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Chef Lippe's World Cheese Spread Collection. Fromage Fort. France

6oz Hand Made.

This is truly a case where the sum is greater than the parts. Fromage Fort is a traditional French cheese spread using a variety of cheeses, a wine or spirit, garlic and herbs. As the recipe varies from region to region, and even from town to town Fromage Fort lends itsef to creative license. Some villages have known to make it, and keep infusing batch after batch for generations adding new batches on top of old ones. My Fromage Fort is a lot fresher than that (grin). I use ripe Reblochon and ripe St. Albray cheeses as the base, add a harder grated cheese, perhaps an Asiago from Lombardy, dry white wine, a little bit of garlic and a mixture of available fresh herbs very parsimoniously. The result is a strong aromatic paste best enjoyed with rustic bread. It will keep in the refrigerator well. The older it is, the stronger it becomes. It can be spread onto bread and baked or broiled. A must try for cheese lovers.


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